Craft beer in Cape Town is not any more a drink for rare connoisseurs and can be found on supermarket shelves.  However, without special knowledge, it’s pretty tough to choose a really good one. These are just some of the best places where you can spend an afternoon tasting a nice beer.

  1. Garagista Beer Co, a small South African brewer, has released a special edition of its pale ale beer. Their motivation is to promote their product by criticizing the hipster fashion that is in favor of consuming craft beer with a preference to the image rather than the flavor. Their motto is “All beer, No bullshit“. It’s a great opportunity to drink a real craft in cider. Nice flavors you to give it a try.
  2. Engruna Eatery. If you would love your beer with some juicy burger, then this is the place for you. The diversified menu will offer your different combinations for a few days. The place is located in a nice spot where you can spend a relaxed afternoon.

  1. Beerhouse on Long Street has a huge menu, including local and international craft beers. Every type has a description that helps you make the right choice for your taste. They even have a nice snack selection and suggestions to go with beer. The place is noisy and fun with tables on the balcony, so you enjoy a splendid time.

  1. The Dog’s Bollocks, Gardens. It’s a cool place situated and decorated so strategically that seems to be roofed in passageway between two garages, long and narrow. Their number one craft beer is “The Dog’s Bollocks”.
  2. Aegir Project Brewery. It is well – known for its really creative names for their products, beautifully decorated, and having a wide selection of quality beer. They also have a selection of snacks. They are located a bit far away but that doesn’t mean they are out of competition.
  3. Darling Brewery, one of the most popular craft beer breweries, also one of the first choice for tasting craft beer. They work constantly on improving their processes. Nowadays it became very commercial and you can find their produce in bars, restaurants or even in stores.
  4. Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is well-recognized locally. They produce a small and diverse range of craft beers, and release seasonal styles each year. It’s one of the most celebrated among craft beer lovers in town. The taproom, situated at the foot of Devil’s Peak, is a pub and restaurant where you can pair beer and food.
  5. Striped Horse, produces excellent quality beer, and although their range is pretty small it is a “must” to taste. You will find it in many restaurants or bars, but nothing is better than going to their impressively retro decorated bar.
  6. Hello Sailor Bistro, Observatory. It’s the place for music and beer lovers. You can enjoy fantastic tunes while tasting the delicious quality craft beers. Imagine this place as a spot with tattooed sailors drinking rum with the original wooden shop windows opening in the front, but of course, instead of sailors, you will have the kind tattooed personnel.