Mama Africa


If you haven’t been to Mama Africa, you haven’t been to Cape Town.

Mama Africa was built up in 1995 as a festival of South Africa’s new majority rule government and of the energetic assorted qualities and cordiality of our continent. Since her opening Mama has served as a desert garden for visitors and local people alike to meet, eat, drink and cooperate in a warm inviting environment. Our kitchen offers generous dinners, our bar an inviting meeting spot and our band offers neighbourhood sound which is certain to produce a genuine sentiment prosperity and happiness.

mamaMom greatest euphoria is to have her visitors leaving with a full tummy and a glad heart, so come to Mama as a more odd, leave as family. Mom AFRICA is an incredible old soul who requests nearly nothing. Her friendliness has gotten to be as incredible as the colossal recollections spent in her organization.

Go and enjoy traditional foods in Cape Town…