Cape Town, being one of the best spots for tourists, is an ideal place for excellent purchases. The mix of various cultures is reflected in everything, starting from food and finishing with souvenirs. What are the best things a visitor can take home as the memento?

First and the most important is the local wine, famous all over the world and known for its superior quality ranked as best after French brands. The Mediterranean climate influences greatly the flavor of the grapes grown for wine production. South African vineyards have been cultivated for over 300 years by the hereditary farmers. Wine is very popular locally and anyone can afford one bottle of wine.  The best place to do it is to visit a winery, taste various kinds and choose the one you like. The hallmark of the Cape Town wines is the one, made from Pinotage grapes, known for its soft fruity flavor with a rich bouquet. Another Cape Town gift can be the Amarula liquor, prepared from Marula fruits and aged in oaks for two years.

One of the most extravagant and exotic products acquired in Cape Town is the skin of zebra, lion or leopard. The cost of such an unusual souvenir can reach several thousands of dollars. The best of all is to buy skins of animals in specialized shops where the owners have free export certificates.

The favorite gift bought in Cape Town among most of the tourists is something made from crocodile, ostrich or a snakeskin. Bags, purses, and belts, crafted by local artisans can be bought in numerous boutiques.

An ostrich’s egg is another unusual gift from South Africa which can be acquired in any souvenir shop. Besides an ordinary one, it is possible to get the decorated product. In this case, you will become the owner of ostrich’s egg with hand-drawn lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, buffalos or leopards.

South Africa takes the 5th place in the world in diamonds mining. Therefore Cape Town has places with exclusive jewelry. This sector of industry is completely controlled by the world leader in this area – De Beers Corporation. The choice of diamonds is the richest – from the cleanest white to fine pink and unclear black.

The glamorous and flamboyant Cape Town souvenir is the African drum. If you are looking for the highest quality gift for a musician it is worth visiting a specialized shop so to avoid a possible fake. For those looking for a budget version, there are plenty of drums in local craft stores, at a price below 50$.

South Africa is renowned for its arts and crafts created by local artisans. The papier-mâché bowls can surely add some shack-chic to any trendy interior. Great for keeping keys in, or any small things in the house that don’t have anywhere to go. The unusual, handmade, avant-garde kitchen utensils and home accessories can also be a great gift to be presented to practically anybody.

The quintessentially South African infusion of leaves known as rooibos bush in the only found in one region of South Africa (and nowhere else in the world). You can find it in supermarket shelves across the country; top chefs use it to enhance some of their dishes; and it is even found in a host of beauty products, thanks to its many health-giving properties.

Make a difference in a local livelihood by buying from a local resident in the street market a fun, colorful and eco-friendly figures made of discarded soda cans. It will be a simple yet authentic present.

Wood carvings are one of the most popular gifts to bring back from Africa. An ancient art made by local tribes in small figurines to massive free standing scultures found for any budget and space available in your luggage.


Unique one-of-a-kind, whimsical pieces of handmade ceramics that display African themes and elements, such as the rhino pitcher are the favorite choice.



Biltong, the South African favorite snack and an intrinsic part of the country’s culture can be served to your family and friends on your return from South Africa. This dry spiked with coriander and black pepper special meat is made of different varieties of meats such as chicken and even bacon, but the most common bitlong meats are beef and game. It’s a must-buy for every carnivore who craves the pleasure of its savory taste.