Location, where the resort is lying, defines the specifics of local kitchen, so most of the dishes Cape Town offers are made of seafood products like prawns, oysters, and mussels. The wide range of fish, prawns, langoustines in local restaurants will be delivered to you with tantalizing wines.

One of the most favored places for gastronomic experiences is Baia Seafood restaurant located in Victoria Wharf Shopping Center where you can try some exceptional seafood dishes served with the best local wine in town. During your meal, you can enjoy the special view of Table Mountain, which makes dinner even more lovable.

If you are looking for special South African food, try some sweet treats – Koeksisters, made from fried donuts, local restaurants, and even many supermarkets can offer you to taste them. Meat eaters should order delicate Karoo Lamb dish, which you can try in City Grill restaurant, and for the curious – place serves exquisite dishes from crocodile meat.

Another location for you to visit – Mzoli’s Place, which is located in Gugulethu Township. The known place for African barbecues called braai, served with secret dressing. South African sausage boerewors makes Mzoli’s Place a heaven for meat-lovers. As a side dish, you can order vegetables “chakalaka” or pap – African dish made using ground maize.

Most respected restaurant in Cape Town is The Test Kitchen, which is located at Old Biscuit Mill. Over the years it has won 20 valuable awards for its phenomenal food and best service. Magical atmosphere and delightful taste of wine will make dinner there remarkable. On Saturdays, The Test Kitchen hosts lunch, the Old Biscuit Mill goes alive, with its bustling markets presenting the chance to buy best of local delicious foods and crafts.

Speaking about drinks, don’t forget to try rooibos tea, which is called as well redbush tea. Rooibos is growing and being collected only in South Africa’s small mountain village, 250 km from Cape Town, this is what makes the tea special. Rooibos tea has a lot of benefits for body and well-being – cures headaches, insomnia and even deals with some allergies. So it is worth to take some home to your family and friends.

If you ask South Africa’s citizens what to try before leaving, they will definitely advise you to taste different local wines, which are considered to be one of the best internationally. And, of course, wide-ranging choice of fruits and desserts made from them is something you should pay attention to.

Don’t spend your time and money on regular fast-food places which are available at home, go for something special. Gastronomic delights are one of the best ways to get to know the different country and their culture!