The mixture of energies and cultures in Cape Town has created an inspiring music scene, which draws attention from all over the world. Starting from jive and jazz to techno, rock, and metal – this town has seen everything during years of existence. Starting musicians find it attractive and come to get encouraging vibe to create their own musical artwork and share it with a faithful audience.

One of the most recognized Cape Town’s band is Die Antwoord, whose music is playing on almost all radio stations in the world. They are the ones who brought “zef” style into the sonic world. Indubitably, Cape Town is the place where it was born, so listening to the band is obligatory part if you want to get acquainted with true Cape Townian style.
Goldfish is another band which has shown to the world passion Cape Town was hiding, their album Caught in The Loop made them recognizable internationally, and thankful to them, people’s interest in the South African city was raised.

If you feel the need to get some audible satisfaction, then be sure not to miss events in The Waiting Room bar. Regularly quality performers make their appearance in the club, and over the years the place has become favored among tourists and local musicians. Once a month you can watch producer battles – great opportunity to take a look at top talents and maybe, even find some inspiration for yourself.

If you are in drum n bass, then visit “It Came From The Jungle” party – South Africa’s longest ongoing brand, already 11 years of excellent music nights for now. Hip-hop lovers should not miss parties when Prophets of the City and Brasse Vannie Kaap are performing, here is a chance to see how American hip-hop style was taken as a base and using just their talent transformed to something truly Cape Townian.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival is being hosted every year, and the resonance is wild – thousands of people come to Africa to take a part in one of the best world’s jazz festivals. This year will take place already 19th jazz event. Such artists as Alistair Izobell, Mabuta, Amanda Black and Billy Monama are going to impress party guests and make their pastime remarkable.

When time will come to plan your trip to Cape Town, don’t forget to check the events page for following time period, you will find plenty of information about upcoming musical events and festivals, pick the one you like and make sure to come! Your traveling experience will become richer and topped up with emotions if you explore all legacy country is pleased to offer, and have no doubt that music culture can tell much more than you can imagine.