The tips below will give you some information to plan a trip you would want to enjoy. It is very important to choose the right timing for your trip. If the weather means a lot to you and you would not want to be caught by a rainy season and enjoy the most favorable weather you should choose the period between October and late November.  April or May is the best time for budget travel as the hotel prices are the lowest and you will not meet crowds of tourists in the streets.

The most popular form of public transport in Cape Town is the bus, which should only be used by those, who expect to travel a long distance. For a short distance trip, it is better to go by Taxi (Uber). You can also call the car by phone because finding taxi in the streets is quite difficult. Do not forget to check the cost of the trip in advance, because not all cars have meters and the drivers can charge you more, especially knowing that you are a tourist.

For active people, there are shops renting bicycles for a small amount of money. It is very convenient to travel by bike in the city center. The only disadvantage is that the bicycles are not allowed inside trains and buses.
In local markets, be sure to bargain, it is going to reduce the price for quite a bit. To find favor with the seller, you can learn a few phrases in their native language, that will certainly come in handy.

The tourists are recommended to drink only the bottled water, which is sold at any supermarket or grocery store. In addition, you should better avoid cold drinks with ice, offered at local bars and restaurants. Tap water is not hazardous to health, however, can seriously exacerbate the process of acclimatization.

Many local restaurants have relatively high prices, so make sure to check the prices in advance. The most expensive gastronomy establishments are located close to the main streets and near the beaches. You can easily find the budget restaurants and cafes in remote areas of the city.

The most striking distinctive feature of the national cuisine is the abundance of seafood. Seafood lovers can enjoy classic fish dishes at the restaurants for a low price.

Surfing and diving lovers should specify while planning the trip which areas of the coast are more suitable for sports entertainment. Not all beaches are good for relaxing. According to locals, some coastal areas attract sharks.

For those, who are looking for more ways to save money, the best advice is to keep active! You can climb the Table Mountain, enjoy at the beach and visit some of the most beautiful parks all free.

When you are going to buy the souvenirs, avoid the most “touristic” places because you can have the same choice of gifts in the less popular areas. Moreover, if you are paying in cash, expect a 10% discount.