Decodance Nightclub

"Dance to the music you forgot to remember"


If one of these days, you find yourself longing to dance to the beat of the music your ears are familiar with, then Decodance is the place to go. This underground club particularises on music from the 90’s, 80’s and even from the 70’s. As a matter of fact, no one under 22 is allowed inside, so party-goers can rest assured that there’ll be no teenagers to ruin the fun or complain about the music.

It was originally located in Woodstock, but now calls Sea Point home. The club is spacious, with three bars and two dancefloors, the smoking and non-smoking area, and ample seating where one can rest in-between dancing. Furthermore, Decodance has clean toilets and cans of deodorant for those who need to freshen themselves up and an ATM right outside the front door for those who need to freshen up their wallets.

This particular nightclub is especially famous for the music. The kind of music that reminds a hardworking professional about his wild party days during college, or the songs blasting through his earphones as he walks to school. There’s no better place than Decodance for “the music you forgot to remember”.

And if the music isn’t enough to entice you, the club also organises special events every month, events special enough for you to get all dressed up. Don’t be shy, the best outfit wins a cash prize so it’s worth going all out.                                                                via