ERA Night Club



This is ERA Club. A space where electronic music is commended through way of life, where sound and visual concentration meet up, where innovation meets creative energy as the faculties are gone up against an excursion intended for unadulterated satisfaction. Period is the stage for expression, borne out of the enthusiasm for music and the inventive personalities behind it. This is the space to encounter the vibe that we trust originates from the devotion to the way of life that is electronic music.

MUSIC at ERA era2

ERA is a space devoted to exhibiting the Cape Town Electronic Music scene with the finest in electronic based musical ability. Giving a globally perceived stage to support and advance South African aesthetic culture and music. Time is intended to brood up and coming ability by furnishing them with the innovation and mentorship important to take their aptitude set to regularly developing statures, through the Time system of music fans we mean to make a subculture of skilled specialists cooperating and supporting each other to characterize and even reshape the course of Electronic music in South Africa, Africa and even the World