Orphanage Cocktail Emporium


Before Bree Road advanced into the beating corridor of cool that it is today, there was the Orphanage Mixed drink Emporium.

The Orphanage bar cautiously opened its entryways in Walk 2012, bringing a cut of eccentricity and interest to a piece of Cape Town that was then still rather sluggish. Although somewhat brazen and disrespectful (the strong name pays praise to a halfway house that opened over the street in 1919), the setting had enough chic and class to rapidly separate itself from the depravity of the close-by Long Road staples and enough identity to yield a directing nearness.

orphanageNice looking styling and a quality of serene refinement rapidly made regulars of fashionable experts and the youthful, hip group. A lovely, dim wood bar, diminished lighting, uncovered block and banquette seating give the space a testy charm, and a spy gap on the front entryway (a gesture to the secretive speakeasy subject) and skeleton key lighting establishment dangling from the low roof bring the idiosyncrasy.

On opening, the bar and music joint additionally carried with it another gratefulness for the mixed drink. Halfway house was one of the principal frequents in the city to highlight the aestheticness of mixology, and it assumed a necessary part in getting barkeeps perceived as artisans. Additionally, the bar was one of the first ‘chemists’, composing its own hand crafted implantations, froths, elixirs and mixtures.