The 5 Best Things To Do In Cape town


Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa, is the oldest and most beautiful town in the country. Cape town is also considered one of the most beautiful in the world. There are some ways to make the most out of your Cape Town trip. Here are the top five.

1. First, of course, is to go on a Cape Town Safari. Apparently, various safari packages are being offered, one being more comprehensive than the others, another, a lot cheaper, and another being more extravagant than the rest. But the “best” safari in Cape Town all boils down to what your criteria are. Would you prefer the cheapest option with the shortest duration, the all-inclusive one with the most places to visit and with the most number of activities, or the most lavish, most extravagant tour specially catered for the elite? This site might help you as it has the option of filtering the results according to your budget, trip duration and type of tour.safari-in-south-africa                                                             (source)

2. Second would be to eat your heart out. Yes, Cape Town is brimming with fantastic restaurants serving African, American, Mediterranean, Italian, and so much more! Your taste buds will never know boredom while you’re in this part of the world. The real dilemma would be identifying what it is exactly you are craving for, but if you are an adventurous type, you may just pick a random restaurant from this list and hope for the best, well, in this case, you can practically expect the best since the list is, after all, the “best” restaurants in Cape Town. But should you ever find yourself at a loss of where you would like to go, or feeling a little homesick, or just plain hungry, then Mama Africa would be your best choice, since Mama’s biggest joy is to have her guests leaving with full tummies and happy hearts, so that people from all over may come to Mama as a stranger, but leave as family.restos

3. Thirdly, one should not miss a chance to party the night away in Cape Town. Being a hedonistic city, Cape Town has it all, from heated dance floors with blasting electronic music to cosy open-air beer gardens. It has a plethora of excellent bars where you can drink and dance til dawn. One good idea is to go bar-hopping in the city centre, specifically along Long Street, or you can party to the sounds of the waves of the sea at a trendy outdoor café in Camps Bay, or if you’re feeling more luxurious, head to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront’s fabulous Shimmy Beach Club.shimmy4-04mar13-010827                                                              (source)

4. Of course, a visit to Cape Town wouldn’t be worthwhile if you haven’t the seen the beauty of the city in its entirety, such as a perfect view from above. Making this list as the fourth thing to do in Cape Town is taking a ride in the Table Mountain Cableway. Experience the breathtaking view of the city, and it’s surrounding areas from above as your cable car makes the trip up and down the mountain.hh                                                             (source)

5. The fifth and last, but not the least, is that once you’re in Cape Town, you must do something adventurous! Here is a list of the unique things you should do in Cape Town, but as this list is apparently not for the faint of heart, feel free to choose one (or two, or maybe all) for your next adventure.

  • One of the unusual and yet most fun you can do in Cape Town is discovering its abandoned canal system. The entrance to the said channel system is located next to Upper Buitenkant Street at the foot of Table Mountain. You may choose to go with a guide or not. An amazing experience for those who have tried it, and if you have a thirst for mystery and adventure, better choose a trip down these canals.
  • Another venturesome activity would be to go camping in  Dapat Se Gat at Kogel Bay Beach, not only can you have the beach all to yourself, but also be able to witness a breathtaking sunset as the sun turns the sky an incredible hue of orange and fades away behind Cape Point across the bay. But the most amazing part is the bioluminescent plankton in the water which will make for that out of this world experience!
  • You can also opt for a canopy tour in the mountains near Grabouw. Zip-lining from platform to platform over deep ravines would surely quench your thirst for the thrill.
  • If interacting with wildlife is your thing, playing with the penguins at Stony Point would be a dream come true for you. Apparently, Betty’s Bay is less crowded than the more famous Boulder’s Beach which will result in a better view of the penguins and more beautiful selfie photos for you!
  • If you still find yourself lacking a more audacious activity, try cliff jumping at Crystal Pools. Prepare yourself for the hike and the entrance fee (around $6) at Kogelberg Nature Reserve, but the jump and the entire experience would be worth it. Beware of baboons, though…